Established in 1983 and Executed plenty big piling projects in Iraq

Types & sizes of piles

  • 1. Concrete piles, Frank pile system ( cast in situ with enlarged base taking the place of the original ( Franki pile company ) U.K. with its machines, equipment and its Iraqi working staff with [60 cm.] diameter after driven that have high bearing capacities , and with (45_50) cm diameter after driven this is more suitable with soil of Iraq and more faster B.C. reach to 75 ton /pile. Approximately.
  • 2. Bore piles with (80cm , 1 m) and (1.2m) diameter .
  • Precast R. conc. Pile c/s 300 * 300 mm

C.V. for company: it was Established in 1983 and Executed plenty big piling projects in Iraq.


  • Eight piling machines, with equipment and spare parts for (Franki piles system) weight per one about 60 ton.
  • Two machines for precast piles (link belt and N.C.K) weight per one about 45 ton. All machines are British made.
  • Two new machines, with accessories, Germany made, the type of the first one is Delmage and the second one is Ecodrill for bore pile and precast
  • In addition to Many field concrete Mixtures, Seventy five (75) moulds for precast piles [300 * 300 mm], Two stores for spare parts, More than [14000 sq. m.] yard in Baghdad, Industrial zone for store and maintenance.

About Al-Saba

With pleasure we inform you that we are professional in concrete piles and foundations, and we have the honor to participate in the reconstruction of our country in the current conditions working with our big abilities and capabilities in piling constructions

Also, We have many sources for soil investigation in Iraq, during plenty big piling projects including, electrical stations, water supply reservoirs, highway and railway bridges including the last two storey bridge in Baghdad, multiple story buildings, and all other structures of high bearing capacity piles and foundations.

More Information

Franki Pile

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Precast Piles

Al-Saba precast pile is a high strength high capacity precast concrete pile which incorporates a mechanical joint, allowing piles to be spliced quickly and then driven... read more

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